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Please recommend a Cisco Product

I have the following scenerio I desperately need a solution for.

I have a long haul T1 link. I need to bring this T1 into a device. At this device I need to share this T1 to two internal customers. I need to map 20 Ds0's of the T1 to a internal port and specify B8ZS/ESF. I need to map 4 of the DS0's to another internal port and specify AMI/D4. Both internal devices are utilizing these DS0's for voice, so a data type signal (IE RS449, RS530) is not an option. The devices need to see channelized TDM type signaling.

Can any of you recommend a Cisco device that will do this?

We had a Quickeagle DL100 T1 multiplexer attempting to do this but it only has one internal port that provides the direct type TDM signaling. The other ports were data ports (RS449) and would not work.



Re: Please recommend a Cisco Product

First of all the initial T-1 is of what coding and framing? ESF/B8ZS or D4/AMI?? If you control both ends of the T-1 you can set it up any way you like (N x 56 or N x 64). What devices are feeding the voice onto the line? If you have to why not run all data and voice as D4/AMI the data will run at N x 56.If you are running the voice to a router then you can use a V.35 or RS-449 interface. The router will handle the protocol and frame distribution. From what you wrote I would set the T-1 up for D4/AMI. Place it into a multi-port CSU/DSU and come out (20 DS0's) to one port to a router and the other port (4 DS0's) to another router. If I am mis-reading this or not understanding this please let me know.....

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