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PLS help me on 1841 router!!! URGENT!!!

Hi bros,

Currently I have two 1841 routers, the routers were configure using VRRP so as to have redundancy. Beside that, it was also configure with EIGRP(with variance 3) along with the static ip routes for the routing. Each of this 1841 router has a WAN link. When I did a #show ip interface fastEthernet 0/1 on the two routers, it showed that CEF (per destination load balance) is enabled.

In view of the above, one of the questions which i wanted to ask is how does CEF work along with EIGRP which has variance 3 and VRRP? HOw does CEF comes into play? AS mention earlier that each router have a WAN link, will it distribute the packets among these two routers's WAN link or since we are using VRRP (so one of the router will be the master), no matter what it will be distributed to the master router? CAn kindly help me. Thanks

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Re: PLS help me on 1841 router!!! URGENT!!!

Hi, eigrp variance doesn't work with CEF enabled beside that is not much used even without CEF.

So the router that receive packets will use its link only and that's it. If you want to load balance you need to tweak metric so router that is vrrp active seen equal metrics.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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