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Policy Base Routing

I have a 1841 router with 2 Ethernet Interfaces and 1 Serial Interface.I want to implement policy base routing in such a way that for few users ! internet connection on Serial Link will work and for few users 1 Internet will work and if any 1 went down than all users can use the working internet onnection.

I sthere any possibility .kindly forward me a link explaning the process


Re: Policy Base Routing

You can use policy based routing to do this.


route-map internet permit 10

match ip address 100

set ip next hop

access-list 100 permit ip any

interface fa 0/0

ip policy route-map internet

ip route

HTH, rate if it does


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Re: Policy Base Routing

Thanks Narayan it really did helped but can u let me know in a bit detail i fpossible

Re: Policy Base Routing

When you do policy based routing, you actually classify the traffic at the input and decide on the egress interface overidind the normal routing procedures

In the above example classification is done based on access-list which matches a particular subnet (using match ip address) and then you chose the interface (using set next-hop command). Two IPs are used, first one being the primary and the second backup to provide the failover.

The policy is then applied on the ingress interface i.e inside lan interface.

When a packet arrives, it is first checked against the policy map and if the subnet falls within the access-list, it will be routed using PBR. If the packet does not match the acccess-list it will PBR will not be applied and normal routing will take place with the help of default route.

I missed one more IP route statement which should be configured with a higher AD to provide fallback.

ip route 20

HTH, rate if it does


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