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Policy Based Routing:

Hi,I need your assistance,

I support a kind of network that has two separate links to each site-one of the links is known to be more reliable than the other,

There is some particular kind of traffic that is more critical than all other traffic.It comes from a particular source address from the remote sites,normally a machine with ip address 172.31.x.23/24,it would head for example to the HQ with ip address and,these ips represent the diffrent links.Now i want the traffic to use the as the preffered path,Am running OSPF and have put OSPF cost on each of the links and it works okay.

My problem is just getting traffic from a paricular ip to get to particular destination IP.In this case 172.31.x.23/24 to use the IP

I really hope i have put my point out in a clear way.I am willing to explain more if not clear.

Please help.


Re: Policy Based Routing:

manipulating ospf cost would trigger routing of all traffic via one preferred link.

You can use PBR on the inside interface and force the traffic (matched via the policy u define) onto a particular link.

access-list 101 permit ip

route-map PBR permit 10

match ip address 101

set ip next-hop


ip policy route-map PBR



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