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Policy map across MPLS

I was looking into a clients network to figure out why their MPLS link to remote site was slow, yet showed no signs of over utilization.

On the local side mpls router they have a policy map defined with 2 classes; critical and class-default. The critical class has a priority of 75%. On the remote site mpls router they have the same class set to 1100kb. Keep in mind this sites interface where this policy is defined is ethernet, and the local side where the percentage 75 is set is gigabit.

Will this mismatch cause latency and the behavior we are seeing? We have 6Mb MPLS connections between these sites.


Re: Policy map across MPLS


The MPLS provider has to support QoS as well, as MPLS packet has to be re-classiffied and Marked before gets to the MPLS egress interface where applied to your remote site.



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Re: Policy map across MPLS

If I'm reading your post correctly, both side routers WAN handoff is Ethernet but there only 6 Mbps MPLS bandwidth. If correct, it's certainly possible you're losing packets and/or encountering variable latencies within MPLS.

If you only have the two sites, you can shape both router's output to match the far side router's input. Then your congestion will be on your routers where you can both easily see it and manage it.

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