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Policy NAT

Hi Experts,

I m doing policy-based static NAT with the following scenario.



| -------- FR -----------


R1,R4,R6 are on common Ethernet of subnet - . R4 to R5 on serial link subnet is and on FR link subnet is

Other than this on R5, I have configured two loopbacks as loop 0 - and loop 1 -

I have configured OSPF between R4 & R5 for routing. R1 & R6 have default routes pointing to R4. So entire routing is complete.

Now, I have configured R4 as below,

ip nat inside source static route-map NATLOOP0

ip nat inside source static route-map NATLOOP1

ip nat inside source static route-map NATLOOP0

ip nat inside source static route-map NATLOOP1

ip access-list extended LOOPBACK0

permit ip

ip access-list extended LOOPBACK1

permit ip

route-map NATLOOP0 permit 10

match ip address LOOPBACK0

set ip next-hop


route-map NATLOOP1 permit 10

match ip address LOOPBACK1

set ip next-hop

So, In this case my NAT is not working as desired. I want to configure like this when I go frm R1 to loop 0 ( of R5 traffic shl go to FR interface ( and when I go frm R1 to Loop 1 of R5 ( traffic shld go via serial interface (that is with NAT translation.

But this is not working as per the requirement.

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Re: Policy NAT

Hello Mazhar,

just a basic check:

have you configured

ip nat inside under R4 lan interface


ip nat outside out the relevant interfaces

without these commands NAT action is not triggered

Hope to help


Re: Policy NAT

try the following as well this is for one router applly the other to other router

ip nat pool t0-l0

route map map1

match ip add LOOBACK0

match interface [outgoing interface]

ip nat inside source route-map map1 pool t0-l0

now this will do the nating based one ACL and outgoing interface

with NATing u can not use set next hop becuase it is not a policy route

to force ur router to send spicific traffic out thorugh a spicified interface u need to use a policy routing with a route map

apply it to the internal interface

this way ur traffic will be policy routed first then wil be nated

good luck

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Re: Policy NAT

Hi marwanshawi ,

hey this is informative, will try to do in this way but still Doc CD has used set nxt hop under NAT.


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