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Pooling modems for remote control of PC


I already search this forum. I hope i didn't miss posts about it.

Well the problem is, we want to take control on PC connected anywhere in the world with a legacy modem.

The actual configuration is the master has a modem and the slave a modem too and control is taken with either pcanywhere or vnc or dameware.

The problem is, there are 15 pc on my network to take control over any pc in the world. I don't want each pc on my lan having a modem and a phone line.

I looked into the cisco docs but found rather outdated documents based on reverse telnet and dialout cisco client.

I think a configuration based with a C2811, a PRI module and NM-12DM should make the job.

The question is : did somebody already build such a configuration ? and if so can he confirm I can validate such a solution ?

Thanks in advance



Re: Pooling modems for remote control of PC

Modem pooling may be used in this scenario. Modem pooling allows service providers to define, select, and use separate pools of modems within a single access server or router to provide different dial-in services. Modem allocation is based on the dialed number identification service (DNIS) and a predetermined number of modem ports based on DNIS.

There are a number of applications for using the call set up information, including DNIS/ANI, processing incoming call requests with CallerID, and selecting services to setup "automatically" for specified calls. These uses generally fall into two categories, those requiring allocation of a specific number of modems for a specific service, and those requiring allocation of specific physical modems.

check out the following link for the command reference :

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