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poor T1 performance between 3640's

I have two 3640's using a point to point 2xT1 link but when I attempt to ftp a file to and from the max throughput I get is ~1Mbps. The routers are running IOS 13.3(13). On one side the 3640 connects to a 6513 core switch and on the other to a 3550 switch and then 2900's. I can provide any configs to be looked at. I don't know really where to start to see about improving the performance of this link. No IPSec, using EIGRP, no errors on the serial interfaces....


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Re: poor T1 performance between 3640's

Post the output of the interfaces in question.

Is there something in the providers cloud causing latency?

Do an extended ping from either side and look for any drops or latency.

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Re: poor T1 performance between 3640's

outputs are in attached text file

Time Warner is the provider and they checked the lines and they tested clean, I'll assume that means that there is nothing in their cloud causing latency.

pings of 200 come back 100%

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Re: poor T1 performance between 3640's

If you go to (from each end on the lan what speed does it say you are downloading at?

I would do a trace an extended ping (500 packets 1500 mtu) from the lan on each end.

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