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Port channel Symmetric route

I have a 2960 swich (G0/1, G0/2, G0/3, G0/4) form a L3 port channel with 7604 (G0/1, G0/2, G0/3, G0/4)

Can I Control the outgoing and incoming use the same link. That is


( Source ping to ) use 2960 G0/1 out via 7604 G0/1 and return path is the same link ( Symmetric )

( Source ping to ) use 2960 G0/2 out via 7604 G0/2 and return path is the same link (Symmetric )


Re: Port channel Symmetric route

EDIT: oops, wrong post :) sry 'was replying to another poster


Re: Port channel Symmetric route

Hi, Benny:

Each switch will make a forwarding decision based on an algorithim that examines the src- MAC, dst-MAC or src-dst MAC of the frame that needs to be forwarded. The same options exist for IP addresses and ports. Depending on the bits that are examined, the switch will forward the frame accordingly. For example, if 2 switches use 4 links between them, they may be numbered as 00, 01, 10, 11. If the application of the algorithim being used on the switch yields, say, 01, then the switch will use that link (the second one) to forward the frame. Therefore, you can see that this can be pretty arbitrary.

What is your requirement? Why do you need symmetric routing in this instance?


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