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port priority

just a quick one do we have to config port priority or cost on both side of link.....for example swicth A is conected to swicth B....IF WE WANT THAT A BLOCK PORT SHD BE IN FORWARDING STAE DO WE HAVE TO CONFIG PRIORITY OR COST ON BOTH SIDE ON INTERFACE (WHICH IS TRUNK) OR WE CAN USE ON ONE SIDE


Re: port priority

Priority is configured from the root side (switch closer to the root). Cost is configured there as well, since that is what we are calculating: cost to root. For consistency and non-straightforward setups it should be increased on the other side as well

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Re: port priority

thanks for the reply.....for example if we have four swicthes and all are connected to each other via trunk.....mst instance 1 and 2 is config on all of them....if one port is in blocking mode and keeping in mind that in that swicth its a root for mst 1.....and we go and config the port priority on that swicth interface (which is in blocking mode) will it becoming forwarding then??? or do we have to config on there swicth port which is connected to that swicth

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