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PortForward VPN Connection Through Cisco ASA HowTo


I have an OpenVPN running on a endian firewall which also acts as my main router.  I just placed an ASA5520 in front of the Endian Firewall and changed the IPs to match my new environment, so now if I want to access my VPN remotely I have to configure the ASA to port forward the traffic.  Endian firewall uses UDP 1194 for vpn connectivity.  My ASA so far as a basically default configuration on it.

To get my vpn connectivity I did this so far

static (inside,outside) udp interface 1194 "endian firewall outside IP" 1194 netmask         ##setup port forward

access-list INBOUND extended permit udp any any eq 1194                                                                   ##Allow UDP 1194 Traffic

At this point nothing seems to work.  I might have to troubleshoot my endian firewall but I was hoping someone could tell me if my logic is correct or if there is something I am missing as far as the cisco configuration goes?

Thanks for your time,


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