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PPPOE Configuration Problem

ISP provided PPPOE connection I have changed the bridge mode in ISP modem and my lap is directly connected to ISP modem and then I have configured the PPPOE in my LAPTOP that time I am able to access the Internet. I am trying to connect my cisco 1842 router to ISP modem and I am configuring the PPPOE in that router but the internet link is not coming up please any one help me .

interface Ethernet0/1

no ip address

pppoe enable

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1


interface Dialer1

ip address negotiated

ip nat outside

ip mtu 1492

encapsulation ppp

no ip mroute-cache

dialer pool 1

dialer-group 1

ppp authentication pap

ppp pap sent-username cisco password cisco1

ip nat inside source list 1 interface Dialer1 overload

ip route dialer1

access-list 1 permit any any

But I didn't configure the below

vpdn enable

no vpdn logging


vpdn-group 1


protocol pppoe


Re: PPPOE Configuration Problem

add those commands

vpdn enable

no vpdn logging


vpdn-group 1


protocol pppoe

while i think in newer verion u dont need to enable the vpdn, but try it

also use the following link to help u in ur config

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Re: PPPOE Configuration Problem


Have you tried;

Debug ppp negotiation

This will show you the PPP neg and gives info on what is going on.



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Re: PPPOE Configuration Problem

Hi All

I am not sure the Authentication whether it is PAP or CHAP , So I have configured both

enable vpdn

PPP Authentication papa chap

Chap hostname ******

Chap password ******

Ppp PAP sent username ******** password ********

Now the link is up and running fine. Thanks for all.

Re: PPPOE Configuration Problem

cool :)

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