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PPPOE conncetions

Hi every  my name is gabriel and i am in just about to do ICDN1 . I have a question since i am still new to the Cisco world.

When you configure PPP on a cisco router and you want to change the authentication username and password..How do you do that without have to do the entire PPP connection all over again?


The answer depends on how the

The answer depends on how the authentication needs to be set up. It will be more complicated if both ends of the connection need to authenticate each other. For a simple connection where your router is authenticating to a remote device, it's just a matter of changing the CHAP or PAP credentials on the dialer interface and resetting the session on the physical PPPoE interface.

Hi northbridgesecure, I

Hi northbridgesecure,


I assume you have a Dialer0 interface, go under the "Dealer0" interface, copy over your new pppoe username and password, as shown below.


interface Dialer0
 ppp chap hostname
 ppp chap password yourDSL-Password



Rizwan Rafeek


Similarly, if your provider

Similarly, if your provider uses PAP authentication:

interface Dialer0
 ppp pap sent-username password yourDSL-Password

If you're unsure which your provider uses, put both the PAP and CHAP settings and your router will respond correctly to whichever the remote device requests.

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