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Priority percent bandwidth not computed accurately

Cisco 3845 running 15.1(4)M2 - allocated bandwidth not showing correctly

interface Serial4/0


mtu 1500

bandwidth 25000

no ip address

encapsulation frame-relay IETF

logging event subif-link-status

logging event dlci-status-change

load-interval 30

dsu bandwidth 44210

serial restart-delay 0

frame-relay traffic-shaping

frame-relay lmi-type cisco

max-reserved-bandwidth 100

hold-queue 300 in

hold-queue 300 out


interface Serial4/0.111 point-to-point


bandwidth 25000

ip address <removed>

no ip unreachables

ip flow ingress

ip flow egress

ip pim query-interval 60

ip pim sparse-mode

ip multicast boundary MCAST_BOUNDARY

no cdp enable

frame-relay class shapeDS3

frame-relay interface-dlci 111


policy-map MPLS-OUT

class QUEUE-1

  priority percent 40



map-class frame-relay shapeDS3

frame-relay cir 25000000

frame-relay bc 250000

frame-relay be 0

service-policy input MPLS-IN

service-policy output MPLS-OUT


sho policy-map interface S4/0.111 output class QUEUE-1

Serial4/0.111: DLCI 111 -

  Service-policy output: MPLS-OUT

    queue stats for all priority classes:

      queue limit 64 packets

      (queue depth/total drops/no-buffer drops) 0/0/0

      (pkts output/bytes output) 0/0

    Class-map: QUEUE-1 (match-all)

      21270782 packets, 4246609810 bytes

      30 second offered rate 0 bps, drop rate 0 bps

      Match: ip dscp ef (46)

      Priority: 40% (5000 kbps), burst bytes 125000, b/w exceed drops: 43

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