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Priority Queuing Question Please Help

The T1 line from a remote site to a HQ site is at full capacity periodically throughout the day.

I configured priority queuing on the serial interface to allow my oracle application traffic to receive absolute priority over all traffic. The oracle traffic is very small. A total of 4 MB transferred throughout the day.

The Oracle traffic is now receiving an excellent response time now.

My question is when configruing priority queueing does it stop other traffic from trasmitting on the link once the oracle traffic enters the serial interface? Will it stop the other applications from communicating through the WAN?

What is your opinion or experience with priority queuing?

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Re: Priority Queuing Question Please Help

There are 4 Q at priority Q, High, Med. Normal, and Low. You can asssing Oracle traffic to High, and rest of Qs will be used by other applications. The Oracle will always be clock out first regardless packets present at other Qs.

The better will use Custom Q, if other important application experience slow response and you need to improve the performce too, after study Bandwidth usage vs. your applications.

Both mechanism only apply to the LINK and not inflence path between two end.

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Re: Priority Queuing Question Please Help

If you configured your Oracle traffic to get high priority and nothing else to get high priority (which I believe is what you are describing) then Oracle will interrupt other traffic. When an Oracle packet goes into the queue it will be the next one serviced, no matter what else is in queue and how long it has been in queue. No other application can transmit until all of the Oracle traffic has been transmitted. A potential downside of this is that other traffic can get starved for bandwidth. This is one reason that many people like Custom queuing which can give priority to some but give all traffic a chance at being transmitted.

But if your Oracle traffic is small as you describe it, then I do not believe that it is hurting any other traffic and I do not believe that you need to be overly concerned about it.



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