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Priv level difference between IOS and XE


Usually when my customer get connected to the router he accesses to a limited running config with privilege 4. That privilege allows him to see BGP configuration and route-map names associated to BGP peers.

With the ASR IOS XE Version is 03.07.02.S (Version 15.2(4)S2) the BGP configuration under address-family is now hidden as shown in the below router output :

tfe-05880-gsp-01#sh priv

Current privilege level is 4

tfe-05880-gsp-01#sh run | sec router

router bgp 65300

neighbor PE1_ADMIN_OBS peer-group

neighbor PE1_ADMIN_OBS remote-as 25186

neighbor PE1_ADMIN_OBS timers 10 40

neighbor CE2_ADMIN_OBS peer-group

neighbor CE2_ADMIN_OBS remote-as 65300

neighbor CE2_ADMIN_OBS timers 10 40

neighbor W.X.Y.Z peer-group PE1_ADMIN_OBS

neighbor A.B.C.D peer-group CE2_ADMIN_OBS

neighbor F.G.H.I remote-as 64608

neighbor F.G.H.I description tfe-05880-hd-11

neighbor F.G.H.I timers 10 40


address-family ipv4



address-family ipv4 vrf local_ADH



[…output omitted…]

From IOS version 15.2(1)T and above the “show running config” CLI can be accessible with the CLI “file privilege 4” but it is not recognized by IOS version 15.2(4)S2 therefore not fixing anything in that case…

Can you please have a look at it and keep me posted ?

Thanks !

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