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Private DSL with desktop unable to get to internet.

We use New Edge Networks for a private connection from a remote site back to our office and an idividual home user back to our office. The individual user plugs his 7912 phone into the DSL router and is able to get an IP address from the router. The phone is configured and is able to find our call manager-the user places calls and life is good :) His adress on the phone is XXX.XXX.XXX.2 and the DSL router is XXX.XXX.XXX.1. Now, he ethernet attaches the PC off the phone. The PC gets an address of xxx.XXX.XXX.3 and everything seems good. But, from that PC he can't get out to the web. Now, I'm looking at the phones at headquarters. They have an XXX.XXX.40.XXX address but the PCs have a XXX.XXX.8.XXX address. So, I'm thinking... I need something else at this remote site-like a VLAN set up or something? New Edge Networks says that there are some 20 IPs available through that DSL router at the home office and there should be no problems. It's somewhere on my end but I can't figure out where. Help!


Re: Private DSL with desktop unable to get to internet.

although desirable for the PC and Phone to be on a different Vlan, it will work ok if they are on the same Vlan.

It could be the ISP, some connections will only allow one client to connect to the Internet at any one time. If you connect just the PC does it work?

do you use a VPN tunnel for connection back to your office?



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