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problem in vlan deletion

hello friend, i am facing problem ,when i inserted 1 older switch to my vtp domain.

what happend is, in my Vtp domain i have 1 server mode switch ,where i m creating 5 vlan say vlan 2 to vlan 6 along with the name also . and one switch for client  mode. every thing working perfectly . now my revision number for switch(server) is 12. perfect no issue. but when i insert 1 older switch which  have already 10 vlan along with the name , and revisionn number is 20.i  connect this switch to my  server mode switch also  make the trunk between then. now my client switch getting the vlan details for older vlan . when i removed the older switch. at this case my client switch should get the vlan info from server switch its still receiving older switch vlan vlan details.

i m already delete the vlan.dat but its not working any suggestion will be highly appreciate


Re: problem in vlan deletion

You will have to recreate the Vlans on the server. They have been overwritten.

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problem in vlan deletion

thanx jeff 4 ur details, is there other solution for this issure. if there is more than 100 vlan then what will be the solution

Re: problem in vlan deletion


Yes their is a solution -

Before you add any switch to the network change its vtp mode to transparent and back to client, this will set the revision number to 0 and then this switch will obtain its vtp information from the switch with the highest vtp revision number -be it in server or client mode.

Also If you don't want the new switch to inherit any existing vlan configuration then set its vtp mode to transparent .


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