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Problem NAT'ing on a WAN link on a 2811

Like so many posts let me start off by saying I am new to configuring routers.  My configuration is a hub with three spokes.  The configuration i am attaching is one of the spokes.  On the outside of this spoke they will not let me use my IP's that I have configured at the hub and the other two spokes, so I have to NAT all of my IP's that I need to target.  I am having issues around getting the NAT configuration right to pass my traffic.  In the past I have only done NAT on firewalls and this configuration I am forced to do it on my router.

Here is an example:

If I need to target say on one of the spokes they told me I have to target and NAT it on my interface to the

I have attached my config for this spoke that I am doing the NAT's on.  Please if anyone can help me out that would be great.

I have modified my IP scheme and keys in the attached config just for security.

The tunnel comes up and I can pass traffic between the serial interfaces.....just getting the NAT'd traffic to pass doesnt seem to work.

Thank you,

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