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Problem stabilizing a PA-A3-T3 interface

I have a problem with DS-3 interface, where the interface goes down anywhere from a few hours to a few days. I can eventually get the interface back up with a lot of effort, but there is no consistency as to what brings it up. That is, I might have to physically remove the DS-3 adapter and then plug it back in. This might not work the next time, where it might have to change the clock source to INTERNAL. This might not work the next time... SBC has been on site to perform testing all the way through the coax connections but see no problems. I have changed the code on the router, which is currently running c7200-is-mz.121-27b.bin. There's nothing in the logs when this happens - the interface goes down and then periodically tries to restart. I have swapped out the PA-A3-T3 with a different one, but I have the same problems. The pertinent configuration is as follows:

interface ATM4/0

no ip address

atm scrambling cell-payload

atm framing cbitplcp

no atm ilmi-keepalive


I have also added in the following, but no change:

no atm auto-configuration

no atm address-registration

no atm ilmi-enable

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