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Problem to reset to factory defaults

Hi all,

I have an AIR-AP521G-E-K9 and i want to reset to factory default in CLI.

I tried "write erase" but dont work.

I have problems with access-list and i want to desactivate access-list that i have created by web GUI.

The problems now is that i can not access to my AP, no ping, no web GUI access.

Access that i have is only by CLI, but access list is always blockinh all tha traffic trought my AP.

How can i desactivate mac filtering, or how can i reset to factiry default

Many thanks


Problem to reset to factory defaults

Hi Adil

Found a way to reset the controller to Factory default using the Reset button:

Step 1 Place a straightened paper clip into the Reset button hole.

Step 2 While observing the controller LEDs, gently push and hold the Reset button with the paper clip.

Step 3 When the Alarm LED turns green, release the Reset button by removing the paper clip.

Step 4 The controller power cycles and reboots. The controller configuration settings are reset to factory defaults and the startup wizard GUI appears.

try this if you have the physical access of the AP

Hope it helps


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