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Problem with Dialer

I get this message from router:

*Apr 27 13:16:50.506: %DIALER-6-BIND: Interface Vi2 bound to profile Di0

*Apr 27 13:16:50.514: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Access2, changed

state t

o up

*Apr 27 13:16:50.763: %DIALER-6-UNBIND: Interface Vi2 unbound from profile


*Apr 27 13:16:50.767: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Access2, changed

state t

o down

The router is 1812 series with IOS 12.4(6)T2

router is configure with dynamic ip address (dyndns), and ADSL modem....

same problem occur on soho 91 series router whit IOS 12.4(10b). the configuration is like on 1812 router.

does anyone had this problem and know what is a problem actually, and how to fix it.

is it the IOS bad or ADSL modem or....

P.S. I cant get debbug info because routers is in my office and that problem occur at clients.


Re: Problem with Dialer


It would be fine to see some debugs, like ppp negotiation, authentication.

Anyway the problem supposed to be failed authentication or ppp authentication type (chap, pap) mismatch.

The up/down shows the router tries to build up the session without success. Can you post the config.

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Re: Problem with Dialer

ok. i cant get debugs, sorry, i say the reason earler. here is the configs, attached. if you can use it to troubleshout my problem i will grateful for that.


Re: Problem with Dialer

As I see you try to use pap authentication. Let's try to add the ppp chap refuse command to the dialer interface to force the authentication to pap with the pppoe aggregator.

Anyway I think the vpdn should be also configured. Here is a sample config for configuring pppoe (it is 100% working config):

vpdn enable


vpdn-group 1


protocol pppoe



interface Ethernet1

no ip address

ip nat outside

duplex auto

pppoe enable

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

no cdp enable

crypto map whatever


interface Dialer1

ip address negotiated

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 1

ppp chap refuse

ppp pap sent-username user password x

crypto map whatever


ip classless

ip route Dialer1

Another thing that I think tcp adjust is enough only the interface facing to the LAN.

Please rate if helps.


Re: Problem with Dialer

Anyway, there is no need of any IP related stuff on the interface connected to the ADSL modem (ethernet x) as this interface deals with only pppoe so no need of crypto map, ip nat outside etc. all this thing should be applied on the dialer but it should not affect the pppoe itself (I think).

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Re: Problem with Dialer

ok. i will try it tomorrow on soho 91 router, and of course, if this help me i will rate it.

thx again and we will stay in touch


Re: Problem with Dialer

OK. Good luck!

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Re: Problem with Dialer


And if this solution doesnt work i will get debug and post it to you.

Thx again.

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