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Problem with DMVPN, when Spoke Router is behind NAT Device

Hi Community

I have a DMVPN Network with 2 HUB Routers and a few Spoke Routers. Every Spoke Router has a Public IP address assigned from my Service Provider. Everything works fine.

Now i added one more Spoke router, but this time my WAN Interface has a Private IP address and the ISP is doing NAT somewhere. And in this scenario, i'm lossing every second packet, when i'm pinging from the Spoke to a target behind the HUB Router. If i use a different Internet Access, which has a public IP, then all works as expectet.

In conclusion: i only have a problem when my spoke router is behind a NAT address. Even if i'm only using one tunnel to simplify the design.

my Hub Routers are 2921

my Spoke Routers are 800

Is there any difference in the configuration if the Hub is behind a NAT address? Or coul'd this be a bug?

Thanks a lot for your help


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