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Problem with SOHO97 ADSL router

Hi Guys

I try to set up traffic limit on this router but without success. Can anybody write example for my problem. I need different traffic limit for two IP addresses, for first IP 1Mbps and for second IP 3Mbps. Is it possible to do with this router? IOS 12.3

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Re: Problem with SOHO97 ADSL router

Depends on what you are configuring.  Are you using traffic shaping or policing?  Policing will limit traffic, but only if there is congestion.  Traffic Shaping is what you need to do if you want to force traffic to be slower even if the extra bandwidth was available.

Are you using the reference at or the GUI interface (Security Device Manager)

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Re: Problem with SOHO97 ADSL router


You cannot use "QOS" on those entry-level devices (soho or sb) Routers

(even your IOS-CLI "?" may show you some of the commands).

- try 837 instead (if adsl2 is not needed)

- get 877 instead (adsl2+ possible, most QOS features enabled; some are interface-type specific).

Furthermore, the soho 97 is for adsl1 that ist 1MBit/s out from the box and max 8MBit/s into the box from the "internet".

Limiting the incoming "internet" traffic should be done on the ISP's side since limiting it on the SOHO side

does not clean the slow ADSL Line  from that traffic.

Hope this help's,


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