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problem with WIC-2T, 2691 router and Loop Modem

Dear all,

this is just FYI.

we have 2691 router with WIC-2T card. We already are having one 2Mbps connectivity and looking forward for other 2Mbps line. We have Loop modem.

After verifying all Physical layer connectivity, we have continuous increase in Interface Resets, all other parameters were steady.

We were not even able to ping router's own interface when it was showing up. It can be understood as Interface resets was increasing very rapidly.

To solve this we have given command "invert txclock" under the problematic interface. Immediately after entering this command, problem resolved.

I guess this is more frequent with Loop modems. We have tried to reset modems at both ends but it didn't resolved it.

Hope this would help if you are facing similar problem.



Re: problem with WIC-2T, 2691 router and Loop Modem

Description: The number of times that the transmitter has been running faster than the switch can handle.

Common Causes: This can occur in a high throughput situation where an interface is being hit with a high volume of bursty traffic from many other interfaces all at once. Interface resets may be occurring along with the underruns.

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