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Process Switching out on an ATM PVC in MLPPP bundle

I've been monitoring some behavior on a few MLPPP over ATM/FR bundles that we have.  I've noticed that on the show atm pvc 0/x command that there is a large percentage of process switched packets compared to Fast Switched packets.  This is built up on a 7206VXR with the following specs.




Can someone help me understand if this is normal?  I would have thought there would be much more Fast Switched packets then Process Switched and if this is not normal I would like to try to figure out what is wrong.

ATM6/0.188: VCD: 50, VPI: 0, VCI: 188

VBR-NRT, PeakRate: 1725 (4069 cps), Average Rate: 1725 (4069 cps)

Burst Cells: 94

AAL5-LLC/SNAP, etype:0x0, Flags: 0x40, VCmode: 0x0, Encapsize: 12

OAM frequency: 0 second(s), OAM retry frequency: 1 second(s)

OAM up retry count: 3, OAM down retry count: 5

OAM Loopback status: OAM Disabled

OAM VC Status: Verified

OAM Loop detection: Disabled

ILMI VC status: Not Managed

VC is managed by OAM.

VC TxRingLimit: 4 particles

VC Rx Limit: 20 particles

InARP frequency: 15 minutes(s)

Transmit priority 4

InPkts: 221438101, OutPkts: 246144615, InBytes: 40691690352, OutBytes: 137974754046

InPRoc: 12, OutPRoc: 246144617, Broadcasts: 0

InFast: 221438066, OutFast: 195861930, InAS: 0, OutAS: 0

InPktDrops: 0, OutPktDrops: 0/0/0 (holdq/outputq/total)

InByteDrops: 0, OutByteDrops: 0

CrcErrors: 0, SarTimeOuts: 0, OverSizedSDUs: 0, LengthViolation: 0, CPIErrors: 0

Out CLP=1 Pkts: 0

OAM cells received: 202

F5 InEndloop: 0, F5 InSegloop: 0, F5 InAIS: 202, F5 InRDI: 0

OAM cells sent: 202

F5 OutEndloop: 0, F5 OutSegloop: 0, F5 OutAIS: 0, F5 OutRDI: 202

OAM cell drops: 0

Status: UP

PPP: Virtual-Access27 from Virtual-Template20


PPPoA Latest  Event = AAA gets dynamic attrs

PPPoA Latest  Error = None

PPPoA Session ID    = 383

PVC belongs to Multilink PPP Bundle Multilink20 as a PPPoA member link

Packets in VC Holdq:0 , Particles in VC Tx Ring:0



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Re: Process Switching out on an ATM PVC in MLPPP bundle

Not familar with the output from that command. The common way to look at switching path stats for IOS is "show int stats" which will show how many packets hit each switching path on an interface.


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