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[Project] Load Balance mutiple DSL PPPOE connections using CSR1000v in Datacenter

Hello everyone

I was about to begin a new project (just for fun) and wanted to get everyones input.  I live way out in the middle of nowhere where they have to pipe in sunshine and the best connection I can get is a 6mbs DSL connection. Currently I have two DSL connections in the house the end goal is to effectively bond them together.

My plans on how to accomplish this is having a couple Cisco ISR routers (probably 2821's) connect to a CSR1000v in a Datacenter that I have a colocated server.  My thoughts were to set up a couple of GRE tunnels and use EIGRP to load balance between my house and the datacenter.  I'd use one of my public IP's in the datacenter as the exit point.

In my head I was thinking I'd probably need to hooked up this way:

                       2821 -> DSL Modem \
Home Router -> Switch <                 Internet -> CSR1000v
                       2821 -> DSL Modem

I have probably 16 or so IP's in the datacenter free so I could probably assign a /29 to my home side of the 2821's if need be.

You all think this would be the best way to go about it?  Or is there a way to do it on the home side with a single 3825?  I went with two because I figured I'd run into trouble with different gateways.



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