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Providing T-1 Service to second bldg

I have a full date T-1 with a Cisco 1700 series router and 2950 Catalyst Switch. I had a Wic-1DSU card installed on my Router originally with the idea of having to provide T-1 service to the building that sits about 40 feet from the equipment room. In order to split the data service will I have to connect

that Wic port with another patch panel and run cat 5 to the other office. What about assigning data channels? Please point me in the right direction, I have a communications consultant to work with but would like to know if this is about what will be required. Also, because we own the other building are there any rules against providing them with fractional t-1 service. Thanks for your help, Linda Gooch


Re: Providing T-1 Service to second bldg

I'm having trouble understanding what exactly you're trying to do. Is the full data T1 coming into your building going into the WIC-1DSU on the 1700? Are you wanting to run your own T1 line to the building nextdoor, or do you want to extend the existing T1 to the other building?

If you have a current or proposed topology diagram, or if you can ASCII one up, it would be helpful.

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