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please, i need to know what is the speed of PRP2 processor, and what kind of processor,

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Re: PRP2

Hello Ahmed,


PRP2 datasheet

Actually I couldn't find the processor model and speed.

it can support 4GB of RAM and its only duty is to build the master copy of the CEF table.

Being GSR totally distributed forwarding performances depend on what linecards are installed on the chassis.

You should take in account the architecture if you need to make a comparison.

I can say the performances of PRP2 are good in the signalling plane for example they are able to support multiple full Internet BGP tables.

Hope to help


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Re: PRP2

Hi Thanks,

is there a command that can tell what is the PRP2 processor speed ,because i have a customer who have PRP2 and he can help,

also other question,Can PRP2 with 2 Giga memory support 8 bgp Peer with full internet routing table from each peer.

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Re: PRP2

Hello Ahmed,

if it is not said in show ver and in datasheets I think it is difficult to find out and it is also not so meaningful: you cannot change the processor chip with a faster one like you can do on a desktop PC.


We have PRP2 with 2GB and they currently support 3 BGP full tables.

Current free memory is more then 1GB so I would say up to 6 BGP full tables.

With 4 GB with 3,5 GB usable according to Q&A you should be able to support 8 BGP full tables.

each full table is roughly 300,000 routes nowday and the device has to store in memory all the received updates.

We can consider roughly 1 KB for each BGP prefix, 300 MB for table. (conservative, worst case).

Hope to help


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