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PVP on 7204VXR?


We have multiple PVC's configured on our 7204, but have recently interconnected with another carrier who has requested we connect via a PVP - They refuse to give us any more info other than the VPI # (We choose the VCI)....Just wondering how the ATM subint differs between PVP/PVC(If at all?)


Re: PVP on 7204VXR?


In case you just need a PVC then configure one PVC with the given VPI value and choose a VCI value above 32 for both ends of the PVC.

An SP offering a PVP just means, that ATM cell switching in the SP network does not take into account or alter the VCI values in your ATM cells. ATM cell switching is solely based on the VPI value.

As the VCI is not altered, you have to configure the same VCI on both ends.

The SP will not be able to detect whether you have configured a PVP or a PVC. So in brief: a PVP offers you more flexibility with no drawbacks.

Use your standard PVC config with the given VPI value and everything should be just fine.

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Regards, Martin

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Re: PVP on 7204VXR?

Thanks Martin - So something along the lines of: (Carrier has given 11 as VPI, and we have decided on 36 as VCI)

interface ATM1/0.36 point-to-point

description Interconnect to Carrier X

bandwidth 2000

no ip route-cache

pvc X_Interconnect 11/36

tx-ring-limit 3

oam-pvc manage

encapsulation aal5snap

Should be ok?

Re: PVP on 7204VXR?


Yes this should be ok - neglecting broadcast, ip address, ... ;-)

Well, as you wrote, "... along the lines ..."

From an ATM perspective this should work well, if you use VCI 36 on both ends of the PVC.

One more remark: the SP could possibly give you different VPI values for each interface. But again, using the VPI provided by the SP and the same VCI at both ends will work.

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Regards, Martin

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