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QoS conventions (queue and scheduler)

i am a little confused about the queues and the Scheduler conventions ... for example; LLQ Queue, is it a queue or a scheduler that choose packets from queues.

Thanks in advance.


Re: QoS conventions (queue and scheduler)

Dear me7me7,

LLQ is one of the Queuing tools or mechanisms and The Low Latency Queueing feature brings strict priority queueing to Class-Based Weighted Fair Queueing (CBWFQ). So it's Queuing tool not scheduler

The scheduler always serviced the highest-priority queue first. If there was always traffic in the high priority queue, the lower-priority queues were starved of bandwidth and packets going to non-priority queues.

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Yours, Mounir Mohamed

Re: QoS conventions (queue and scheduler)

Dear Mohamed,

I just wanna clarify more

LLQ is Queuing tool

-Queuing evaluates the packet/frame based on Cos or Tos..etc and determine in which queue the packet will be placed

-Scheduling service all the queues and distinguish between different queues based on its priority.

Best Regards,

Mounir Mohamed

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