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QOS for Cisco 800 w/ Dialer interfaces using NBAR i am puzzled. Here is my story. I have a WAN, where I administer my own LNS to provision DSL for my clients(which I also administer). I have been attempting to configure QOS at the client end (using Cisco 837's and 877's). I have NBAR support enabled with protocol-discovery enabled on my Dialer1 and Ethernet0 interfaces(and ATM0 just for the heck of it). My typical client network traffic scenario is clients launching RDP traffic behind the Cisco 837/877's. Thus I would like to know:

1) Is it possible to apply a policy for RDP traffic coming back INBOUND on the 837/877's and if so how?

2) Why is it that SNMP statistics show Dialer1 displaying traffic inbound on Dialer1 and outbound Ethernet0(all matching RDP traffic stats) but sh ip nbar protocol stats bit-rate top-n does NOT. For example, I see Ethernet0 outbound displaying 200kbps of RDP traffic, but the interface that traffic "supposedly" came into the router, through Dialer1, shows no traffic at all for RDP.

Please let me know if my understanding of QOS is even correct. I simply want to be able ensure that RDP traffic gets what it needs.

Attached is what should be the pertinent config info.

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Re: QOS for Cisco 800 w/ Dialer interfaces using NBAR

Should I bother applying inbound policies on the Dialer1 interfaces? Or should I be applying outbound QOS on my LNS and what might be the best way to do this without giving every single PPPOE user the exact same policy?

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Re: QOS for Cisco 800 w/ Dialer interfaces using NBAR


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