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QoS for network management ?

Hi, All

I was wondering about Best Practice that we can protect network management traffic when there is severe congestion in backbone netework.

as you know, when backbone network has severe congestion, we can't access routers.

So, I'd like to protect important traffic such as telnet(or ssh) to router, routing protocol BGP, LDP (over TCP)

How should I configure to do it?

Actually, I have a lot of routers and interfaces.  So, I can't apply specific QoS Config to routers.

as you know, I should change Routers' IP address in Qos Config ,depending on Routers' IP

I need common QoS template on all routers in a lump.

QoS template doesn't have hard coded IP address (such as, router Loopback IP)

In conclusion, I'd like to protect network management traffic(above protocols) to Router Loopback IP.

Thanks in advance.


Re: QoS for network management ?

I've had success using CBWFQ to treat management traffic fairly.  By default traffic originated by Cisco network devices is CS6.  If a queue is allocated that matches CS6 and your management servers, suddenly accessing network devices during periods of congestion becomes easy.


New Member

Re: QoS for network management ?

Thanks for your answer.

we have a lot of interfaces and routers.  therefore,it is difficult to apply Qos Config to all routers and all interfaces.  because, all routers have their own ip address.  and Our company provides internet access and vpn access to our clients. 

So, I'm thinking about CoPP.  How should I use CoPP to protect network management traffic?

I have a question.  I know that a few routing protocols over TCP is not marked CS6.  of course, EIGRP, OSPF are marked as CS6.

but, BGP, LDP aren't. So, To protech them, we need to configure some command such as mpls ldp tcp pak-priority.

Am I correct?

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