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QoS implementation

guys i am working on my company of our site have voip....the link is we have two major application running.....i want to give application one (which is not critical) 20 percent of bandwidh......the application 2 is critical and i want to give it 30 percent and voice shd be 50 percent (as its a small call centre. can someone please help me how to confiog QoS on this link.....thanks for looking

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Re: QoS implementation

If your device supports it, you might use CBWFQ. Actual configuration would depend on device and device's IOS version. Further, when doing traffic across FR, you need to account for asymetric bandwidth (i.e. different sites might have difference bandwidth to FR cloud), multiple PVCs sharing access link, and/or CIR (especially for VoIP).

With a later IOS, CBWFQ would look something like this:

(NB: syntax might be incorrect or not won't with earlier IOS versions)

class-map match-all myVoIP

match (criteria to match your VoIP)

class-map match-all App1

match (criteria to match your app1)

class-map match-all App2

match (criteria to match your app2)

policy-map myCBWFQ

class myVoIP

bandwidth priority percentage 50

class App1

bandwidth remaining percentage 30

class App2

bandwidth remaining percentage 20

interface serial x

service-policy output myCBWFQ

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