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QoS Network Prioritization

I would like to prioritize traffic from our network to

I have tried using the priority bandwidth (1544 in this example) and the priority % under the

QoS policy-map class configuration with what seems like no effect on traffic to this network.

If anyone can confirm this configuration is correct or recommend a better solution please

advise. Thank you!

class-map match-all Plato

match access-group 110

policy-map QoS

class Plato

priority 1544

access-list 110 permit ip any

access-list 110 permit ip any

inbound and outbound internet facing interface:

service-policy output QoS


Re: QoS Network Prioritization

You don't need the inbound statement, as technically, it's not really possible to queue inbound traffic.

When I do class-map, I always do "match-any". I believe that causes the class to match any of the stated requirements it contains to be implemented.

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Re: QoS Network Prioritization

Thanks for the "match-any" info, I didn't even think of that.


Cisco Employee

Re: QoS Network Prioritization


A couple of questions:

- What is the problem you want to solve with your policy?

- What is the interface type and speed you apply the policy to?

- Can you post the interface config?

- Can you post the output of "show policy-map interface"?

- Are you aware that queueing will only be effective, if the interface is overloaded?

In case no overload condition exists, all traffic is sent at line rate, i.e. there is no different behaviour to be seen.

Also be aware that the priority queue has a policer configured with it, which will drop excess packets ONLY in an overload condition. So in my experience "bandwidth 1544" gives much better results for everything that is not real time traffic.

Regards, Martin

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Re: QoS Network Prioritization

I work at a college and students take online courses through an outside vendor called Plato. Their data center is in San Diego ( we are in Kansas City. Students have been complaining of very slow application peformance. I have been given the following url to perform bandwidth testing and have received poor results averaging about .5Mb download speeds. We have a 40Mb ATM connection to our service provider. I am performing QoS on other P2P traffic. Attached is a portion of our router config and the show policy-map interface command. Thank you for your response.


Re: QoS Network Prioritization

Well, your Bittorrent traffic is fairly highly allowed. Although, just curious, why don't you lump in Bittorrent with the other P2P apps?

Also, do ATM1 and F0/0 both go to the internet? I just ask, because you might well think of shaping your P2P traffic on the university side or your router instead of on the ATM interface that connects you to your ISP.

Just a thought, and I'm not thinking really clear right now. :-\

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Re: QoS Network Prioritization

The Fa0/0 link is the connection to campus, while the ATM1/0.1 link is to the internet. I did leave the Bittorrent somewhat higher because some people in the Information Services department use it for legitimate downloads (so they say). I noticed that I did not have a bandwidth statement on the Fa0/0 link so I added that. I configured it to be 40Mb, that is the size of our internet connection. Now hopefully some QoS traffic will be limited that was not otherwise.


Re: QoS Network Prioritization

Well, I was going to suggest shaping and policing your traffic on the uni side, and prioritizing and queuing on the WAN side.

If you shape and police on the uni side, then you can more finely control your Bittorrent to just the subnet in your IS dept. instead of the entire campus going ape with it.

Just a thought, and that's really the only time you can really apply a service policy inbound (when your traffic from the LAN is coming in).

Hope that's somewhat helpful and constructive for you.

[edit]Which makes me realize, on F0/0, you want an inbound policy. On ATM1/0.1, you want an outbound.

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Re: QoS Network Prioritization


I have a IP-VPN In Office (similar frame-relay).

I want to control traffic by percentage for specific network for some servers.How to proceed......


Irshard Zahir

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