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QoS on a Dialer interface

I've noticed that certain QoS commands can't be run on a DSL dialer interface.

I first tried to run Auto QoS on the interface but it wasn't an available command. So I then proceeded to make a simple QoS policy using a class-map and policy-map that involved shaping the traffic. When I attempted to apply the service-policy to the interface I got the following error "GTS: Not supported on this interface." I'm assuming GTS means "generic traffic shaping." How can I apply the policies I need to a dialer interface? If I apply them to the underlying FastEthernet port will they take effect? I'm guessing not since there isn't an IP assigned to the interface. Here's an example of what I'm working with:

interface FastEthernet4

description $ES_WAN$$FW_OUTSIDE$

no ip address

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

no ip proxy-arp

ip route-cache flow

duplex auto

speed auto

pppoe enable group global

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1


interface Dialer0

description $FW_OUTSIDE$

bandwidth 512

ip address negotiated

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

no ip proxy-arp

ip mtu 1452

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 1

dialer-group 1

no cdp enable

ppp authentication chap pap callin

ppp chap hostname XXXXX

ppp chap password 7 XXXXX

ppp pap sent-username XXXXX password 7 XXXXX

crypto map SDM_CMAP_1

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