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QoS on Router 2821

I have two sites and connected with MPLS links of 2MB with Cisco 2821 routers. Now a requirement came that two sites will have additional server ( one each location - for data replication purpose) and 75% of the bandwidth needs to be allocated to data replication servers on each site and rest of 25% bandwidth will be utilize for both sides normal traffic.

Is there any additional modules to be added on each router to isolate the traffic. Please let me know.

Many thanks,

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Re: QoS on Router 2821

Hi Jaipal,

For data replication over the WAN, I beleive that you will do doing an asynchronous replications. This will use FCIP protocol (Fiber Channel over IP) and you have to just use an ACL to match the subnets or hosts in order to match the interesting traffic and apply the proper QOS parameter. You donot need any special interface for the same. Please plan a proper QOS policy for both the FCIP traffic and the other data traffic.

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Re: QoS on Router 2821

If there are just the two sites, using just the QoS features on your 2821 routers should suffice although there's optimal WAAS/WAFS hardware that might improve effective performance.

If there are other sites on the MPLS cloud that can transmit to these sites, then you'll probably also need to work within the QoS framework your MPLS provider has (assuming they can provide one).

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