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QoS Policy question

I need to setup a QoS policy-map on a 3640 running 12.4(17)and cannot figure out 1 small piece. Here is my written policy:

1: VOIP RTP traffic should go into a LLQ with 200K of guaranteed bandwidth (I have 2 lines)

2: VOIP SIP traffic should be guaranteed 15K

3) Any traffic not 1 or 2 above and NOT p2p traffic should be able to use whatever is left

4)p2p can scavange whatever BW is left over after 1,2,and 3 are processed

I can classify the traffic with access-lists and class-mapsand I can configure the policy-map for policies 1 and 2, however I cannot figure out how to do 3 and 4. In particular, I cannot figure out how to "de-prioritize" the p2p traffic.

This is actually for my home connection. The 3640 has 2 FastEthernet ports. One goes to a cable modem and one goes to my LAN. I am performing NAT on the router. I have setup traffic shaping on the outside FastEthernet interface to limit traffic out to the cable modem to make sure that all queuing happens on my router so I can control traffic flow.

Any help on how to configure this, or even pointers to an example, would be greatly appreciated.


Re: QoS Policy question

You may configure class 3 for p2p with bandwidth say 50 - 100Kbps reserved for it & policing for anything beyond that.

The last would be class-default & will have rest of bandwidth exclusively for it.

I dont see a method to configure class 3 for all traffic except p2p.

If you are running ip nbar protocol-discovery then you dont need to create acl but can directly match with protocol e.g. "match protocol rtp" & similarly for other protocols under class-map.

Since this is a non-production environment you may give it a try as there will be no impact.

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