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Qos Question

Hello friend

I have question, i have three router connecte like Lan-R1-R2-R3-Lan.

suppose i am doing Qos on R1 router ( like ipprecedance), should i need to Qos or any kind of configuration requied on R2 and R3 router... Please suggest



Re: Qos Question


QoS on one segment of an internetwork when the traffic has to traverse 4 segments is vitually the same as no QoS. (depending on your needs)

You'll need IP Precedence on LAN1 to R1; then you'll need to setup LLQ/MQC or CBWFQ from R1 to R2 & R2 to R3 then the final ingress port of the switch on LAN2.

Please see the following link for more info on LLQ/MQC and CBWFQ:

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Re: Qos Question

Thanks for prompt answer

one more question suppose can i do same thing with internet backbone, i have 1mb pipe up to service provider end UK and USA ( samething at USA end) , so how can i priorites packet across the internet backbone ,since internet is open not bandwidth limition ..etc.

Please suggest


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Re: Qos Question

When you say you're just doing QoS on the R1 router (using IP Precedence), what do you mean specifically?

Generally, QoS attempts to manage, or preclude, congestion. (BTW, QoS isn't always effective; other considerations apply.)

If there is no congestion along any part of the path, QoS would be useless.

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