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QOS question

Hello All,

This might be a silly question but i need verification. Given the configuration below

Class map realtime (match any)

match (real time voice/vid traffic)

class map important (match any)

match (potentialy bandwidth hungry applications (http/ftp - any file transfer applications))

match (managment traffic ssh/telnet)

class map bwhungryudp

match (non real-time udp video traffic)

policy map QOS

class realtime

  priority percent 40

class important

  bandwith percent 40

class bwhungryudp

  bandwith percent 10

class default

  bandwith percent 10

interface s1/0

service policy output QOS

max-reserved-bandwidth 100

The output above shows that my manangement traffic and file transfer traffic are in the same class. Is it possible for the file transfer traffic to consume the link and not leave any space for management traffic to flow? If so, would it be best to create seperate class for the management to make sure manangement traffic gets bandwith all the time?

Let me know if I'm over thinking the scenario. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: QOS question


It is easy to create a separate class for management traffic and assign different bw.

Or, you can just remove match (managment traffic ssh/telnet) from class map important. Then, management traffic will be put into class default and get 10% BW.


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