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QoS verification


I have a 28xx series router with MQC based QoS deployed. The router has Class-maps defined and will use CBWFQ queueing.

The questions is: How can I ensure that certain traffic ends up in the correct queue, is there a show command that can show what traffic is in what queue?


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Re: QoS verification

Look at the "show policy map question" topic in this forum.

That should help :)

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Re: QoS verification

Thanks mate

Re: QoS verification


If you want to ensure how you can see if actually packets are being marked or not and what queuing in effect is being implemented, all of the information could be seen through:

sh policy-map

sh policy-map interface

The first one will show all the Policy Maps implemented second one would be specific to the particular interface.

Similarly if wanna see class maps, you could issue the command:

sh class-map

Will show you all the class maps.

Kind Regards,

Wilson Samuel

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Re: QoS verification

Hi Nielsen,

show policy-map int will give you the curent packets going into each class and also the utilisation and drop rate as well.

sh class-map will give you details like which is the access-list/which ever matching is performed.

Since you have to find out which traffic goes to which queue.Please follow these

1) check for the access-list matching the traffic

2) Check in which class-map the acl is matched

3) Check the policy map calling the class map.

4) show policy-map int output/input

this will give u a fair understanding on whats going on which class.

please let me know if any difficulties happen.

Thanks and Regards,


Re: QoS verification

Hi Sri,

Thanks for the info sharing, moreover glad to see someone from MNS who is really good.

If you have few mins. pls. drop me a few lines @


Wilson Samuel

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Re: QoS verification

No rating for my post he he??



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