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Qos Voice/Citrix

I am trying to configure Qos on our MPLS for citrix. We already have qos running for Voice and it seems to work well. No voice issues reported. Each branch has a full T1 out to the cloud. The vendor Verizon has a GOLD CAR of 512k setup for Voice which we route our Voice traffic over. I would like to tag my citrix traffic as COS=3 mission critical. I have attached out current QOS configuration. Is this ok to do the tagging this way is there a better? Also I have started to add the Citrix tag in there. any help on completing would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Qos Voice/Citrix

Here is the config

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Re: Qos Voice/Citrix

You might want to double check exactly what you are getting from Verizon. My experience with their MPLS service, you need to buy real-time bandwidth separately, and other traffic falls into a 5 class model which allocates fixed bandwidth reservations, two drop points on some classes, and uses DSCP markings, not CoS markings.

Also, on non-real-time classes, exceeding the purchased CAR often isn't an issue.


BTW, your limiting your overall data rate to 512 Kbps.

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Re: Qos Voice/Citrix

We have already bought the real-time bandwidth from Verizon that is the 512k gold car. Thanks for pointing out the 512k restriction I was putting on the data. I have made some changes which appear to correct that.

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Re: Qos Voice/Citrix

Not really what you want, I think.

Perhaps something similar to:

(NB: syntax might be incorrect or not supported on your IOS version. You also need to check markings supported by MPLS provider.)

class-map match-any VoIP-Cntrl

match ip dscp af31

match ip dscp cs3

class-map match-all VoIP-RTP

match ip dscp ef

class-map match-all Citrix

!NB: you might want to subclassify Citrix to avoid giving preference to disk-to-disk or printing traffic

match protocol citrix

policy-map sub_int

class VoIP-Cntrl

priority percent 33

!NB: reason for policer, LLQ policer doesn't engage unless there's interface congestion provider, though, likely polices rate

police percent 33

set ip dscp EF

class VoIP-RTP

bandwidth percent 5

set ip dscp cs2

class-map Citrix

bandwidth percent 10

set ip dscp cs3

class class-default

!NB: deactivate FQ to maintain explict other class's bandwidth regardless of number of class-default flows

bandwidth percent 10

set ip dscp BE

interface Serial#/#/# point-to-point

description MPLS Circuit

service-policy output sub_int

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