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QoS with GRE/IPSec

Hello all,

I have some 871w routers, with advanced IP services IOS, that are used to connect some branch offices to a main office. The routers connect to the Internet through a PPPoE adsl connection. A gre/ipsec tunnel connects each branch to the main office. The tunnel carries voip and various data traffic.

Data passing out of the di1 interface to the Internet consists of the tunnel traffic (voip and data) and traffic to the Internet from wireless and lan hosts. QoS is needed to ensure the tunnel has priority over the Internet bound traffic from the lan and wireless hosts. And within the tunnel voip needs priority over the data traffic.

The qos pre-classify command has been applied to the crypto map and the tunnel interface so that tunnel traffic can be placed into the fifo que of the tunnel in the correct order (priority to the voip).

My plan is to use a parent and child service policy. The child policy to handle QoS within the tunnel, the parent policy to split bandwidth between the tunnel and other Internet bound traffic.

This is a basic overview of the proposed configuration:

class-map match-all voip

match access-group 110

class-map match-all wireless

match access-group 118

class-map match-all tunnel

match access-group 115

class-map match-all data

match access-group 112

class-map match-all lan

match access-group 116

class-map match-all monitoring

match access-group 117

policy-map outbound

class lan

bandwidth percent 20

class wireless

bandwidth percent 10

class monitoring

bandwidth percent 10

class tunnel

shape average percent 50

service-policy gre

policy-map gre

class voip

priority percent 60

class data

bandwidth percent 25

When I try to apply the service-policy outbound to the di1 interface I receive the following message:

GTS : Not supported on this interface

- and the following is logged:

000656: Jul 27 11:17:36.289 EDT: Class Based Weighted Fair Queueing will be applied only to the Virtual-Access interfaces associated with an MLP bundle.

Will I need to enable multilink ppp? Or, is there an error in the QoS configuration? And, will the above QoS configuration give the voip priority with the tunnel, and the tunnel priority over other traffic?


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Re: QoS with GRE/IPSec

Upon further reseach, it appears that traffic shaping is not supported on dial interfaces. I will change the traffic shaping command and see if it works.


Re: QoS with GRE/IPSec

Can't be sure whether it's supported or not, but it works - only thing you need to do is to enable ppp multilink on your dialer (both sides have to be configrued for multilink in order for it to work). Even if you have only single link you can still enable ppp multilink.

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Re: QoS with GRE/IPSec

Thanks, I will try enabling ppp multilink on the dialer.

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