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QoS with IP-Tunnels and vrf-lite - urgent

hi to everyone,

i have the following task to do:

i have a cisco 7206 MPLS-PE router, which has a customer connected.

this ce-router should have 2 vrf´s, so i use vrf-lite.

the "ce" has two thernet-int on in vrf a and the other eth-int in vrf b.

on the seriel connection to the real pe router i use two ip-tunnels one in the vrf a and the other tunnel in vrf b.

the problem is that i have to configure a kind of policy that one tunnel should have priority over the other tunnel.

is there a possibility to do this ?

thanks for answer !


Re: QoS with IP-Tunnels and vrf-lite - urgent

Use 2 different destinations for the IPIP tunnels(2 diff loopbacks on the remote router). Set different QoS Precedence for both of them and proritize the tunnel destination. You could do PQ for one and FIFO for the other. This should help if you are using IPIP tunnels else if you are using FR it may be possible using PVC bundles.


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Re: QoS with IP-Tunnels and vrf-lite - urgent


thanks for youir answer - helpful.

i found a other solution:

make a policy where you match on the tunnelinterfaces und give them a guaranteed bw.

this policy is applied to the physical interface.

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