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Query regarding Network designing

Hi Folks...

Actually I have to design a network with one data center and 16 different locations connected to data center . Data center is in delhi and 16 remote sites are spread all over India.

So which technology I will use to support the infrastucture with cost effectiveness.

I have attached the fig. and information in the mail...

Waiting for ur replies...

Thanks and Regards



Re: Query regarding Network designing

Hey, I think either Frame-relay or ATM will be most cost effective for you, while providing the service you need. Both support quality of service on a per-pvc basis, so you'll be able to guarantee citrix traffic going over the network, as well as voice if you're running VoIP.

What will probably make the decision in this case is the available carriers. Often times they only do ATM, or only do Frame, or they'll do ATM at the hub site and frame on the remote sites.

At this point i would figure out all of the different frame/atm carriers in the area, and tell them what speed PVCs you need (make sure they give can you guaranteed CIR's, instead of 0 cir circuits), and compare the prices they come back with.

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Re: Query regarding Network designing

hi wochanda,

If i go for frame relay and i want CIR on each site is of 64 KB. then how much will be the bandwidth for the HO PVC.

If i go for leased lines then would purchase 16 leased lines for each location from HO.

In that case on HO router serial interface what will be configuration...

will i be used sub interfaces or any other solution will be there.




Re: Query regarding Network designing


When you buy a PVC from the frame-relay provider, usually they sell you the PVC bandwidth, not the link bandwidth. Remember that your hub site will be configured for every PVC that goes to a remote site.

In the case of 64MB PVCs, you'll get 64k fractional T1's at your remote sites, and a 1024k fractional T1 at your hub site.

Make sure the sum of your PVC's bandwidths are less than or equal to the physical link speed, that way you can guarantee bandwidth to applications at Layer2.

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Re: Query regarding Network designing

If MPLS is an option, I would go with it. We have just implemented it and we are going to save a lot of money on long distance by going to a VoIP solution over the MPLS network.


Re: Query regarding Network designing

MPLS is also a good option, especially in the case that you're transporting data traffic only.

When you bring voice into the mix, though, careful design considerations need to be taken to ensure that you aren't shooting too much bandwidth from one site to another, making your voice susceptible to drop in the cloud.

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Re: Query regarding Network designing

Hi Wochanda,

Thanks a lot...

NOw i want to ask that which protocol will be the best for this topology....

I am planning for OSPF or Eigrp..

Which one will be the best or why ???

Or which other protocol i can implement ???

Thanks in advance



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