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question about routes

hi all,

I posted in another group, think it was the wrong one.

currently i have the following:


I will be placing a web filter in line in the next month or so and it is going to go between the pix and 4507. currently i have things such as the following in my pix config:

route inside <lan net> <core switch>

The web filter is also a stateful firewall, so i am assuming that i will need to the change the above to something like:

route inside <lan net> <web filter int>

I assume this needs to be done as it will sit in between so that my core 4507 will not be the pix's "gateway" back into my lan right? I also assume that i will need to change the default gateway on my core 4507 that now points to the firewall, to the int on the web filter. make sense?




Re: question about routes

Hi Mate,

That is absolutely correct. You will need to point the default route on the PIX to the web filter and then point the default route (if there is such a thing) on the web filter to point to the core switch.

And you are also correct that the default gateway on the LAN switch and also for the devices on the LAN now needs to be the web filter interface.


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Re: question about routes

Currently my lan devices use the Vlan int they are on as there default gateway, I can leave this as it stands now right?

Once again, thanks for your help!


Re: question about routes

Whoops.. that was an error in my first post. Yes, the default gateway for your devices continues to be the VLAN interface on the switch.


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Re: question about routes

cool! thanks!

ps - i tried rating posts, seems a lil odd today. will not let me rate!

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