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Question regarding E1 on my 2800

Hi All,

I have a 2811 with a Network Module (NM-2CE1T1_PRI).

I want to understand the configuration of my router (please see document attached).

I understand this is a Network Module that has to E1 ports.

There's one E1 that's configured but it is divided in channel-groups each one with two time-slots assigned.

This means that the single E1 card being used is divided into 15 interfaces, each one with the possibility to carry 128kbps of data?

Another question, how do I tell if this card can carry only data or can carry as well digitized voice?

I'm trying to understand as much as I can regarding this Router, so any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you!

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Re: Question regarding E1 on my 2800


It looks like who ever originally configured this router chose to configure it to provide many interfaces with each interface having capacity of 128 Kbps. You could configure the second port and provide a single interface with capacity of full E1 or break in down in whatever way you think is appropriate.

As an ISDN I would have thought that carrying voice traffic was possible. But this guide to configuring the module does not mention voice:



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Re: Question regarding E1 on my 2800

Thank you for the response Rick!

I guess I'm still not clear how do I tell if an E1 card will or will not support digitized voice.

I mean, does it depend on the card itself, or on the configuration?

Thank you!


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Re: Question regarding E1 on my 2800

It depends by the card. Cisco specifies this in datasheet and other documents. The card you have does not support voice termination.

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