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Question VLANS

Dear All,

i am still new to the CISCO World.

i have a question regarding VLANS & really i want you to explain to me if i was correct or not ?


The Question is :-

if i have Cisco Switch 3560 Series, and this switch is 48 Ports.

i did not do any thing on this switch except add IP-Address , & Subnet mask.

the switch does not have any VLANS at all and its only 1 switch .

Now Here is my question :-

if i have 2 PC , the first one is in Fe 0/1 , and the second one is in Fe 0/2.

the First PC have this IP-Address ( / ) & No GW & No DNS at all .

the Second PC have THis IP-Address ( / ) & No GW & No DNS at all.

Now, if the First PC get infected by SPYWARE or VIRUSE or What ever Or MALWARE, Do you think the Second well get affected as well, becasue there is one Broadcast domain , and all the Ports are in same Broadcast domain and all the traffic will be in the same braodcast domain , but if i have 2 broadcast domain as 2 VLANS, only the PC's which is in this Broadcast domain only where ever its located accross the network will get affect only . but all the others PC which they are in another Broadcast domain will not get affected.


is that correct or not ?

i know this is not the only thing from using the VLANS, But i want to know , is this Point Correct or Not ?


Re: Question VLANS

This is being discussed in the same post on the Switching forum.

OP: It's bad form to post the same thing all over the board. Please (from now on) please post in one topic only.



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