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RBE dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 to 837 CPE configuration

We have a DSL network using an ATM aggregation circuit and RFC1483 RBE for distribution to clients. Typically the client uses a DSL modem in bridge mode to a home or SOHO ethernet router. Some of the more sophisticated customers needing VPN or QoS use the Cisco 837.

We are in the process of enabling our network for IPv6 and want to use the 837 as it supports IPv6. On the ATM distribution router we ipv6 enable the ATM subinterface and configure "atm route-bridged ipv6" as well as "atm route-bridged ip".

The 837 doesn't have the "atm route-bridged" commands, so we configure IRB and configure the bridge for "bridge 1 route ip". But there is no "bridge 1 route ipv6" command. Has anyone successfully configured dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 to an 837? If so, what's the trick?

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Re: RBE dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 to 837 CPE configuration

I was able to solve this by upgrading to 12.4T which includes RBE and the commands:

atm route-bridged ip

atm route-bridged ipv6

and all is well.

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