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RDP QoS on a Cisco 881W


I need some guidelines how to setup QoS on a 881W router.

I have a small office with a 4Mbit internet connection. My users are today working on a remote terminal server and they often experience small interruptions which make their remote sessions hanging and they are all complaining about the performance.

I’ve monitored of the connection and it looks to be stable. The problem is when users are downloading data or synchronizing their computers to other remote services.

How do I setup QoS in the best way so that RDP (both port 3389 and 443) traffic allways get priority over other traffic?

Thanks for any suggenstions

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Re: RDP QoS on a Cisco 881W


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"Best way"?

Internet connection, for both sides, support "normal" Internet access?  If so, "best way" would be stop doing that.

If Internet connection is devoted to just your business traffic between two of your sites, you shape egress traffic for bottleneck bandwidth (usually the lower guaranteed bandwidth for either site) and use QoS to prioritize your traffic.  In your case, class-default FQ might work, if not, if your IOS version supports HQF, multiple classes using FQ, with extra bandwidth defined for your RDP should do.  (The latter might be the "best way".)

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